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Textual Connection

Writing Journals, Unite!

Text Connection, Writing Journals Unite!
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Welcome to Text Connect! Ever wanted to find someone's writing journal but had no idea where to start, or you were looking for good fanfiction but didn't know who wrote for what fandom? This community is going to archive writing journals by fandoms and genres, all sorted through the tags.

I have a writing journal, what do I do?

Join by applying for membership with your writing journal (or if it's a community, with your normal journal), and posting the following form.

Name of writing journal/community:
Fandoms: (Put original if you write only original, otherwise list your main fandoms)
Pen-names at other sites: (fickle funeral at ff.net, vedette at aff.net)
Genres: (Action, romance, humor, dark, slash, femmeslash, het, mystery etc)
Range of ratings: (G-NC-17. PG-13 and under, etc)
Other notes:

Please tag your post with your fandoms, other sites used, and genres. Put the name of your writing journal/community in the subject line. Tag for every fandom you write for and every genre as well, because the tags are how potential readers will pick our what they want to read.

What happens then?

Well, whenever I get online, I'll add you to the list of journals on the sidebar. You get a cool little button to add to your writing journal to show you're a member of text connection, and stick it in your user-info if you like.

I don't have a writing journal. Why should this site matter to me?

You can find other people's journals. Let's face it, livejournal makes a great site for storing fiction with good feedback, but it's hard to find what you want. The more writing journals indexed here, the better your chances of being able to check the memories and find a writing journal for the fandom/type of story you like.

Okay, I joined. Now what?

Keep writing. Check the memories every now and then to see if there's anyone you want to affliate to, and if you suddenly get into a new fandom and start writing like whoa for it, post again to tell us so that we can add that to your information, and go change your original post as well.

Whose idea was this anyway?

Ah, that would be me, fickle_goddess. punk_rock_nerd and I mod this community together, so if you have something to suggest, or need to ask questions, feel free to drop either of us a note via our personal journals you can.

How many journals are there indexed right now?:

One entry per journal, minus a few for mod tags.

Do I have to link to you?

It's not necessarily, but highly appreciated. Just copy and paste the code below in your livejournal user info, journal entry, site, or signature. ^_^

The result will look like this:

Writing Journals Unite!

Most importantly of all, have fun and keep writing!