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Name of writing journal/community: talatat
Fandoms: Yugioh, Real Ghostbusters, The Crow, Vampire Hunter D (others are listed in my "talatat" profile)
Pen-names at other sites: lucidscreamer (everywhere)
Genres: Gen, humor, slash, AU, crossovers
Range of ratings: G to R, mostly somewhere in between

Other notes: I've listed "gen" as a genre simply because my longer fic tends to be difficult to classify; it contains drama, action, humor, maybe a romantic subplot (or maybe not)... I also occasionally write fan poetry.

My current fandom obsession is Yugioh, specifically Yami (Atem)/Yugi (Puzzleshipping), so I'm writing a lot of that. Ancient Egypt fic/scenes are as historically accurate as I can make them and still stay true to the spirit of YGO canon.

My other big fic projects right now are finishing the Knight Rider/Quantum Leap fic o' doom, and "Nevermore," a Real Ghostbusters/Crow novel.
Tags: humor, poetry, science fiction, slash, yu-gi-oh
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