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19th-Oct-2005 10:41 pm - Application [original]
xena scrolls icon
Waking Scroll
Name of writing journal/community:
Waking Scroll
Fandoms: BTVS, ATS, HP, Original, CSI, Dawson's Creek, Firefly, Charmed, Original, Movies, various other TV shows.
Other: I must also specify that we are an icon challenge community and just a general writing community.
Pen-names at other sites: None
Genres: ALL (the only genre we don't subscribe to is porn, everything else under the sun is allowed, although the maintainers are allowed t accept and reject as they see fit)
Range of ratings: G - NC 17.
Other notes:
"We are a community to share words, writing, fan fictions, songs, stories, poems, books we loved, people we loved, experiences, and above all what can be written into phrase, color, image, and emotion."
If we don't have a specific fandom you want to see, comment and we will add it!
yo said the mechanical beast
Name of writing journal/community: makrothumia
Fandoms: Main fandoms are Final Fantasy VIII and Original, secondary are Naruto and Cowboy Bebop. Minor fandoms pop up randomly.
Pen-names at other sites: Kjata at FanFiction.Net
Genres: Angst, Fantasy, Drama, Science Fiction, Humor, Het, Slash.
Range of ratings: G to NC-17
Other notes: I put all of my original fiction under a f-lock so I can keep track of who reads it, but I don't mind random people on the list. I also post my Linotype columns on this journal before I post them on InsidePulse, so those are bound to appear biweekly.
vix3n-wiccan: ani
Name of writing journal/community: workingtitleinc
Fandoms: original
Pen-names at other sites: just clocktowerkiss @ livejournal
Genres: realistic fiction, "queerlit", screenplays and stage plays
Range of ratings: G-R
Other notes: Currently pretty empty. Also, will be friends only due to prior publishing issues. I update periodically with snippets of writing, random characterization notes, and setting details. Currently in the works are a stage play and a screenplay.
19th-Oct-2005 11:58 pm(no subject) [dark, femmeslash, harry potter]
Name of writing journal: amberdandelions
Fandoms: Primarily Harry Potter, but have written fic for Good Omens and Tamora Pierce fandoms.
Pen-names at other sites: GeminiGoddess at Girls' Dormitory
Genres: Femmeslash, slash, het, smut, darkfic, fluff, drabbles.
Range of ratings: All ratings
Other notes: About 90% of the stuff there is femmeslash. Also, alas and zomg, there are no tags for two of my fandoms.
19th-Oct-2005 11:06 pm - shadowrival application [naruto, slash, yu-gi-oh]
Miles Edgeworth
Name of Writing Journal: shadowrival
Fandoms: Most current are Naruto, Final Fantasy VII, Shadow Hearts; others are Yuugiou, Original. There are a few other fandoms in which I dabble, for which I've never written but may at some point: Hikaru no Go and Bleach, particularly.
Pen-Names: kiraya (FF.net)
Genres: Slash, psychological/introspective, gen, angst, poetry.
Rating Range: G to NC-17.
Notes: NC-17 rating more likely to be from violence than smut; I don't write smut too well (or much at all, anymore). It's more fun to imply it, anyway. Visual media (fanart, wallpapers, icons) may appear from time to time, too.
20th-Oct-2005 12:16 am - eros_boy [naruto, original]
Name of writing journal/community: eros_boy
Fandoms: Naruto, Death Note, Devil May Cry, Harry Potter, original
Pen-names at other sites:vixankit at ff.net
Genres: angst, romance, action, smut, general, other
Range of ratings: G-NC-17
Other notes: I also post visual art such as fanart, doujin scans, and picture edits. My journal is friends only, but anyone can be a friend. ^^
DA HAI ► just wanna be god;
Name of Writing Journal: vs_words [It's very new and work on it is in progress]
Fandoms: Yuugiou, Lord of the Rings [movies moreso], Original. I also know several other fandoms I've never tried/don't frequently write for, including Shaman King, Wolf's Rain, Gravitation, Hikaru no Go, DNAngel, Rurouni Kenshin and Yu Yu Hakusho.
Pen-Names: VSSAKJ @ FF.Net, Tanis @ Mediaminer.org & vssakj.blogspot.com
Genres: Slash, action, suspense [or at least an attempt at it], angst, some humour and romance.
Rating Range: G to R, usually around 14-A.
Notes: Like I said previous, the journal still needs work and I have to stuff things into it. I also flat out refuse to write smut/NC-17 content. I can also write in French, but... I'm not too confident in that skill.
tbx -> twins
Name of writing journal/community: eternal_nights
Fandoms: Yu-Gi-Oh!/Yuugiou, Harry Potter, Teen Titans, Cardcaptor Sakura, One Piece, and Naruto.
Pen-names at other sites: yami) white rain at ff.net
Genres: slash, femmeslash, het, dark, angst, humor, crack and romance.
Range of ratings: PG13-R
Other notes: We need to update tags for my fandoms.
17th-Oct-2005 07:34 pm - app [harry potter, het, romance, slash]
Name of writing journal/community: in_my_notebook
Fandoms: Current fandoms are Harry Potter and Smallville.  Past fandoms are Yugioh, Harry Potter, Naruto, and some miscellaneous.
Pen-names at other sites: Ceresi at skyehawke.
Genres: Action/adventure, romance, slash, femslash, het, drabbles, mystery.
Range of ratings: All ratings.
Other notes: Only recent fics are posted here, older fics can be found at Kinda-Divine.
17th-Oct-2005 05:02 pm - Application~ [dark, het, romance, yu-gi-oh]
Name of writing journal/community: wastecyanide
Fandoms: Yuugiou [only fandom I've posted there so far], Jak, Sonic, Guilty Gear, Original [I guess you could call it that XD]
Pen-names at other sites: sakebi at ff.net [the stuff I have there is horrible and I plan on deleting it all and starting over :P]
Genres: Romance, dark, humor, het, mystery, action [sorta]
Range of ratings: G-R~
Other notes: I don't write slash. o_o I have nothing against it and do read it, I just don't write it. I'm a het fangirl, so sue me. :\ ♥ And yeah. *shy* 8|
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